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Four awards for FANTASTICO in COMPANY OF THE YEAR competition

Four awards for FANTASTICO in COMPANY OF THE YEAR competition

Four awards for FANTASTICO in COMPANY OF THE YEAR competition

FANTASTICO GROUP won four prestigious awards in the competition Company of the Year of Bulgaria Business Review! magazine.  The company was awarded in the category Investor of the Year and took first place in the category Sustainable Development.  FANTASTICO was among the finalists in the category Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are particularly proud of the HR of the Year award, which was personally presented to Antoaneta Metodieva - Director of Human Resources, Training and Management Directorate. "I accept this award in recognition of all team members I work with. The truth is that there is always more one could do, because taking care for people can always be upgraded. I am grateful to the colleagues with whom we were able to inspire front-line workers last year through various forms of support and that, despite the unprecedented situation, we continued to implement the training and development programmes that encouraged the professional development of many colleagues in the company", said. Mrs. Metodieva upon receipt of the award.

Daniel Deyanov, Sales Director of the company, accepted on behalf of FANTASTICO GROUP the awards in the categories Investor of the Year and Sustainable Development: "Thank you for your recognition! In 2020, we managed to implement our investment programme, opening two modern supermarkets with several innovations in Bankya and in the capital's Manastirski Livadi district. We started the construction of the largest shopping and entertainment complex of FANTASTICO in the town of Pernik, and this week the construction of a new supermarket in Botevgrad began. All these investments are made with our own funds and result from a lot of efforts made by all team members. Thanks to all colleagues and to the jury for the evaluation!", said Mr. Deyanov during the ceremony.