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Our team

Fantastico employs more than 3 000 people who are part of a professional, united and responsible team. Along with the expansion of the chain, the number of employees constantly grows and also their professional skills. The majority of our emplоyees have been working with the company for more than 5 years and most of them have been promoted in this time. The company owes its success to loyalty and esteеm of many employees and clients who have chosen tha company for their employer or a shopping place. We are servicing at our shops more than 100 000 people every day. We would not be able to manage this without the excellent work of our employees.


Четирите елемента на ФАНТАСТИКО

Part of a family Fantastico is a Bulgarian family company and, being such, it knows very well what is 'family' and how important it is both for grown-ups and juniors. Support, training, professional career, understanding, consideration, responsibility, friends, family, team... These are some of the words used by our employees to describe their work with the company. The diversity of positions and challenges is vast. Contact us and we shall introduce you to the particular opportunities we can offer in relation to your expectations and interests.

Career progress We give our employees the chance to demonstratte their potential and take the position, which fits them most. This is confirmed by the number of examples you can see in the company every day. 92% of the managers and assistant managers of our stotres have started at lower positions, for exaple securiy guards, shop assistants, cashiers, operators. The majority of the emplyees at our central office, about 73%, have started work at Fantastico store. The important thing is to want it and we shall give you the opportunity of growth!

Professional training The advance of our employees guarantees development both of them and the business. We provide starting training for each newly employed, current trainings for improvement and expansion of the acquired knowledge and capability, and also upon change of yoour occupation position at Fantastico. We also offer specaila programs for training of persons graduating from school or university, which could help them for an easier start in life. You can rely on our support at any phase of your professional course!