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Emotional flashmob on the first day of Examine Yourself. Take care of yourself! Initiative

The campaign Examine yourself. Take care of yourself! started with an emotional 3-minute show in FANTASTICO supermarket in support of Nana Gladuish Foundation One of 8 activities. Poli Genova, Atanas Mesechkov and dancers from Dance Academy and Dance Station delivered through their art a message to all ladies to try not to miss the examination by a mammologist. Until 31 October, FANTASTICO will allocate BGN 0.05 from each purchased bag (paper, polyethylene and reusable one) in support of the foundation’s activities. The funds will be used for breast-screening in various cities and towns of the country, and for information and practical support of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

“All women should be healthy and happy and therefore the regular prevention is extremely important", said Poli Genova after the performance of her song Stubborn, which excited both the supermarket team and clients.  "We really must not forget that an examination can save a life. That is why we from Foundation One of 8 together with FANTASTICO decided to deliver this most important message in this very special month. Regardless of the circumstances, we must not forget that we need to make efforts and to take care of ourselves”, said again Nana Gladuish.

 “Dance is a kind of struggle for life and through it we have awakened people's minds to remind themselves that an examination can be crucial for the way they will "dance the rest of their life", said Kremena Ilieva - owner of Dance Academy.  She and her team, together with the dancers from Dance Station, supported the campaign in this very crucial time when thousands of screenings were postponed and even forgotten due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Throughout the day, the One of 8 team can be found in FANTASTICO supermarket at G. M. Dimitrov Blvd., city of Sofia, for personal meetings with all who need information on the symptoms of the most common cancer in women and its prevention. On 14 October, the pink camper of the foundation will travel to FANTASTICO supermarket in the town of Pernik. 

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