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We share the responsibility! Containers for donating and recycling textile.

We all know how repulsive is the sight of thrown away used clothes scattered in the streets of Sofia. It would be good if any one of us tried to contribute to the good look and clennes of the place where we live! The good news is that discarding the textile we no more need at the right place we can take care of the good vision of the city's streets and demonstrate our social engagement supporting a charity campaign. In support of this, Fantastico is getting involved in a new initiative together with HUMANITA! The campaign is directed to the BRC organization and its purpose is collecting textile. Special containers have been provided with locations at the parkings of our stores in Darvenitsa, 15 Sv. Kliment Ohridski blvd., Mladost 1 - 22 Jerusalem str., j.k. Lyulin 6 - 26 Javaharlal Neru blvd., 87A Simeonovsko Shose blvd., Boyana - 64 A.S. Pushkin blvd., j.k. Drujba 2 - 140 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov blvd. What happens to the textile? The collected textile is periodicall transported to a specialized factory in Plovdiv where, when necessary, it is recicled or prepared for re-use. The products that are not suitable for use are recycled. These are used for manufacture of cleaning towels, car upholstery, thermal insulations and many other products made of recycled textile. The other part, which is in good condition, is divided in two part. One part goes to the crisis reserve of the BRC for assistance to victims of calamity, accidents and crises, being used for dedicated donation of clothes to people in need. The other part of textile products is exportsd to third world countries in Africa. Central America, the Middle East, etc. Thus we are closing the cycle by returning materials back to the economy. Oppportunities to extend their life are created through multiple re-usse or transformation into another product. We need to make efforts for a cleaner Sofia! And do not forget - wearing cloaths means also responsibility for their utilization and recycling.

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