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Fantastico opens again a new, modern and rich in assortment supermarket


Its location at 204, Cherni vrah blvd. will become a mini trade center


On the 7th of March 2019 the trade chain Fantastico has opened a new, modern and enlarged supermarket in the city of Sofia, 204 Cherni vrah blvd. Being one of the key locations of the company, it started running with outstanding new and modern vision, absolutely competitive to the latest supermarkets, opened by the Bulgarian company. The clients of the trade chain will be really surprised pleasantly by the spatial optimization, diversity in the assortment and the shopping conditions in it.

The new project occupies the impressing built up area of 4090 sq.m. The investment is over BGN 24 M. The store will work as usual 24 hours a day opening over 50 new jobs added to the current staff. The trade premises of the supermarket Fantastico are facing Cherni vrah blvd. following the company's trend for exterior visual contact with the trade premises, provided here by impressing glass facade again.

In the spirit of their predecessors, this store features a rich assortment of fresh and quality goods. Various product categories can be clearly differentiated in the supermarket such as:  bio-based sector, Fresh bar, fruits and vegetables, bakery, meat, fish and delicacy counter, Sushi bar, culinary counter, cafeteria, cosmetics sector and alcoholic drinks. Visitors can eyewitness again the whole magic of bread making - from kneading to baking. A serious accent has been given to the culinary section with hot counters, zone for snacks and sandwiches. The area after the cash desks includes a cafeteria with a cozy zone for consumption. Along the same zone a covered terrace is separated outside with seats where clients of the supermarket can enjoy both the rich assortment of the ready-made foods and drinks and the urban view.

To provide convenience to the clients, an indoor parking with 91 parking places is provided as well as open air parking with over 150 open parking places close to the main pedestrian approaches.

On the supermarket Fantastico level, the clients may use extra services - insurance offices of I&G brokers, office for payment of household bills - Easy pay, flower boutique Florence, exchange bureau Crown Change, a shop for food and accessories for pets, stand of the National lottery,  showroom of IQOS, bank lending by Momento, ATM, etc.

With this new store, Fantastico continues its tradition to create buildings with high energy efficiency. The refrigeration systems are best in class, working with the safe, ecological and natural refrigerant - carbon dioxide. The lighting in the whole store is LED-based and programmable, with very low energy consumption and it works in adaptive modes, depending on the needs for lighting during the day and night. In IT systems components with high energy efficiency are also selected.

The whole building consists of two major public areas. The first part which is completely occupied by the supermarket Fantastico opens in the beginning of March. The second part where separate trade facilities will be located such as pharmacy Subra, dry-cleaning 5asec, optics Grand Optics, household equipment Zora, a shop for sports nutrition supplements Health Store etc. will be open in the summer.

So the site of Cherni vrah will become extremely convenient and practical mini trade centre. For clients' convenience, the two parts of the building have independent entry areas. The interconnection between the trade premises and the supermarket is provided by a passage and moving pedestrian pathways and, for the comfort of visitors, there are two approaches to the indoor parking provided. The spirit of modern trends includes recharging stations for electric cars.

About the company:

The trade chain Fantastico was established in 1991 and has a leading position among the companies for trade of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). It owns 42 trade centers - supermarkets with the same brand in Sofia, Elin Pelin and Kyustendil. The chain employs over 3100 people.

In 2016 Fantastico added to its portfolio a prize from the nationwide competition for BUILDING OF THE YEAR 2016 for the store of the chain, located in Ovcha Kupel quarter, Lyublyana str., which store has been declared by the 27 member jury to be the winner in the highly competitive category Trade Building of the Year.

The company's development plans are still going on. By the end of the year Fantastico plans to open three more trade centres - in Sofia, Bankya and Pernik. In the future, the trade chain will remain focused on special and demanded by the Bulgarian consumers goods and services. It will develop the individual sectors and categories, showing diversity, broad assortment and quality of the goods as well as the services offered. 

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