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Pay with Mastercard or Maestro at a terminal of Postbank and you may win a prise

In the period from 25.06.2018 to 12.08.2018, any client who has made a purchasee for at least 25 Levs with Mastercard/Maestro through a terminal of Post bank may win one of the following prises: 5 х 500 Levs (in the form of coupons for shopping at Fantastico) 1000 х 25 Levs (in the form of coupons for shopping at Fantastico) Find more on: www.postbankFFpromo.com 1. Requirements for participation in the campaign. The campaign shall be accessible for all holders of debit or credit cards of Mastercard or Maestro, issued by licensed providers of payment cards licensed in Bulgaria. In the period 25.06.2018 to 12.08.2018, every client who has made a purchase for 25 Levs with card from Mastercard/Maestro at a terminal of Post Bank may win any of the following prises: 5 х 500 Levs (in the form of vouchers for shopping at Fantastico) 1000 х 25 Levs (in the form of vouchers for shopping at Fantastico) Find more on: www.postbankFFpromo.com 1. Terms for participation in the Promotion The campaign is accessible for any holder of a credit or debit card from Mastercard or Maestro, provided by licensed in Bulgaria issuers of payment cards (Cиards). 2. Mechanism of the promotion 2.1. Phase one: Every card holder complying with the requirements of item 1 and paying by a card a minimum prchase price of 25 Levs at a POS terminal of Post Bank at a store of FANTASTICO will receive from the cash desk assistant a voucher; The CLient should scratch the relevant fiel on the voucher and find out whether he/she is winning a prise as per item 3.1 (voucher for 25 Levs); In case the client has drawn a winning voucher, in order to get the won prise, he/she should be registered online until 19.08.2018 on the following addres: www.postbankFFpromo.com („The Website“), by inputing the following information:• Unique code of the voucher;• the last six digit from the card number used for the purchase;• Datee of the transaction;• Amount of the transaction;• Authorization code;• Name and surname;• Telephone;• E-mail address.Card holders who have registered on the website will receive notification at the given addres with confirmation of a successful registration or, respectively unsuccessful one. In the latest case, or when the card holder wishes to get more information, the latter may contact the Organizer at the e-mail contact address given in the message. By registering on the Site, the client automatically gets the right to participate in the second phase of the promotion. Even when the client has drawn a losing ticket, he/she may register on the Site until 19.08.2018, thus automatically getting the right to participate in the second phase of the Promotion; Each participant may take part unlimited times in the Promotion in conformity with these Rules and a single card may be registered only once in the Sitea of the Promotion as per the current Rules. The first phase of the Promotion will end on the date indicated in item 3.1 or earlier, should availability of tickets distributed in the stores of Fantastico are finished. In the case where until the defined final date of the Promotion first phase/end date for registration, there is no registration or/and drawing of of all winning tickets, the remaining not distributed prises will not be awarded. 2.2. Second phase: Every client who has taken part in thee promotion and has registered on the Site as per item 2.1 may take part in the drawing of one of 5 big prises as provided in item 3.2 (a voucher from Fantastico for 500 Levs), which will be drawn on 23.08.2018 . The lottery will be carried out on 23.08.2018 by the Promotion Organizer. There will be a random drawing amonga all participants who have registeres on the website for the awards according item 3.2. Three reserve participants will also be drawn and they will be entitled to get an award in accordance with item 4.4.Every registered participant may win only one award from the lottery. 3. Description of the awards3.1. The first phase of the promotion will distribute 1000 vouchetrs from the chain of stores Fantastico. 4.3. The winners from the lottery under item 2.2 will be notified by the Organizer by phone within 5 office days the winning participants in the lottery as per item 3 (voucher for 500 Levs from the chain of shops Fantastico. Further, the Organizer will publish the name and surname, the settlement and the last 4 (four) digits of the telephone number of the winners from the lottery on internet address www.postbankFFpromo.com , which shall be explicitly agreed with by the participants in accordance with item 5 below. 4.4. Should a winner in the lottery be not found by phone by the Organizer within the terms in accordance with item 4.3 or refuse to receive the award, this participant shall lose the right of receiving the award. In such cases the award shall be given to a reserve participant (by the order of their drqawing), who will be notified in accordance with item 4.1 above. 4.5. Every voucher from Fantastico will be delivered by express courier or to a convenient office of the Bank. Upon receipt of the award, the participant shall make sure that the vouocher is delivered in a sealed envelope. 4.6 In case of a transaction made with a company card, the award will be received by the natural person who has made the purchase and has registered on the published website 5. Personal information. By registering on the website, the participants declare that they agree to voluntary provide their personal information for the purpose of participation in the promotion, as well as for the needs of direct marketing for other other advertizing campaigns run by the Organizer, unless the registration provides for something different. The participant agrees that his/her personal information wouold be used for norification and for receipt of the award should he/she be a winner, as well s his/her proper name and surname, the settlement and the last 4 (four) digits of the telephone number would be publishedd for the purposes as per art. 7 and within the period of the promotion, which will not lead to any obligations of the Organizer. By filing in the electronic form in the Website for participation in the lottery, the participants give their consent, in caase they win an award, to be interviewed and shot in a photo session, as well that this interview and photographs could be published by the Bank for advertizing puroses in the media and social networks. The personal information may be disclosed to persons assigned by the Organizer to process such information for the purpose of the Promotion. In case they refuse to provide personal information, natural persons shall not be elligible to participate in the Promotion. The personal data administrator is Eurobank Bulgaria AD, UIC 000694749, Sofia, Sofia city municipality, Vitosha District, 260 Okolovrasten Pat. The participants shall be able to access and correct their personal information by a written appliction to the Promotion Organizer in accordance with Art. 29 and Art. 30 of the Personal Information Act. After completion of the Promotion and drawing of the winners, The organizer will not keep personal informaption of the participants, except for those who have won an award, not later than 2 months after receipt of the award. 6. Other terms 6.1. Regarding the Period of the Promotion, these rules have been published on the website of the Organizer Eurobank Bulgaria AD on address www.postbank.bg and the promotion's site – www.postbankFFpromo.com, where they are accessible in a way allowing their storage and recovery. The Organizer reserves the right of amend or clter these Terms, the alterations becoming in force as from the time of their promulgation in the said eweb sites. 6.2. Information about the promotion is savailable to clients also through communication material distributed in the stores of FANTASTICO and on telephone 0 700 18 555. The call price is in accordance with the standard subscription of the user. 6.3. The Organizer shall not bear any responsibility in case of inelligibility to the Promotion, impossibility of receipt or use of the award when these circumstanes are due to causes out of the Organizer's control. These circumstances may be due to for example, but not only, to erroneusly filled in information upon registration in the website, incorrect or wrong e-mail address or contact telephone and delivery address for delivery of the award, force majeure circumstane preventing the delivery or use of the promotion award. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate the Promotion at any time in occurrence of the following force majeure circumstances and the partricipants agree to comply with the terms of these Official Rules of the promotion campaign 'Pay by Mastercard/Maestro at Fantastico and win', obligatory for all participants.

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