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Three Fantastico stores become zones of Spark

Three stores of the Fantastico chain in the district Geo Milev, Ovcha Kupel and on Simeonovsko Shose have been equipped with recharging infrastructure and are becoming zones for renting and release of cars from SPARK. From today on, three stores of Fantastico are equipped with fully functional public recharging stations for electric cars in the grid of Eldrive. The stores are in Sky City Mall, Geo Milev district“, 42A Lyubliana blvd. in Ocha Kupel, and 87A Simeonovsko Shose - oposite to complex MAXI. The parkings of the above stores of Fantastico have special lots for electric cars, each with two 22 kW AC charging stations in the grid of Eldrive. The grid of the recharging infrastructure of Eldrive is the first with national coverage and the only one with a smart platform allowing users to have real time information about the location, type of recharging station, price of recharging and whether it is unoccupied currently. Thanks to Fantastico, this service is expanding in three various parts of Sofia, which desperately need a solution of their transport problems

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