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Dear customers....

Please specify which store you were shopping in
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What would you like to change in this sector
Have you been satisfied with your shopping in the trade chain Fantastico
Have you been satisfied with the quality of the goods you have bought?
Did you find everything you need?
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cleanness of the store
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highly varied assortment
products of high quality
promotional offers
friendly and kind staff
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Please, evaluate your level of satisfaction.
Have you been satisfied with the cashier service?
What Fantastico stands out from the other stores?
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Благодарим Ви за попълнената анкета! Вашето мнение е важно за нас. Всеки месец на томболен принцип ще теглим петима от Вас, които могат да получат ваучери за пазаруване, в нашите обекти, на стойност 30 лв. Ако желаете да участвате в томболата, трябва да попълните данните си и се съгласите с правилата на участие. Успех!

By checking the field “I agree” I declare that I give my explicit consent to VAN HOLDING Ltd. to store, use, process and transfer my personal data for the purposes of processing the inquiries, complaints, recommendations, etc. which I submit via this electronic contact form.

Вашите отговори са изпратени успешно!